How To Quit Dipping

Because you have found this site it probably means you have tried to quit dipping before- and have failed. Our goal is to provide you with resources needed to quit dipping once and for all. Knowledge is one of the most important ingredients for successful quitting. The key to kicking the can is to understand addiction. Right thinking produces right behaviors and good choices while wrong thinking produces wrong behaviors and bad choices. We want to help you think right and make good choices.

We have partnered with DipStop- a company dedicated to helping you quit dipping- to make this site the best resource it can be for you. DipStop has graciously given us full access to their Quit Dip Program to help us show you how to quit dipping. Their manual can be downloaded for FREE by clicking here, or you can go through the pages on our site to learn more about their how to quit dip program. Thousands of people have quit dipping using this program and you can be one of those! Each step of the program is designed for your benefit and success, but you must rigorously follow it step-by-step. You should not skip any part, even if you think it is a section that does not apply to you. This program was written by former dippers for individuals wanting to quit dipping. The authors know what you are going through and have tailored the program just for the way you think.

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Why quit dipping?

You should quit dipping for yourself, your family and loved ones. Not only do the choices you make to dip affect you and your body, the costs of dipping- like cancer and heart disease- can greatly impact your family and friends. According to the American Cancer Society some of the risk factors (and best reasons to quit dipping) include:

  • ◾Mouth, gum, tongue, and throat cancer
  • ◾Cancer in the Esophagus (the tube that runs from your mouth to your stomach)
  • ◾Stomach Cancer
  • ◾Pancreatic Cancer
  • ◾Increased risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes
  • ◾Nicotine addiction
  • ◾Sores in the mouth that can become cancerous
  • ◾Receding gums
  • ◾Bone loss around the roots of the teeth
  • ◾Wearing down of teeth
  • ◾Tooth loss
  • ◾Stained teeth
  • ◾Bad breath

Not only do these risk factors affect your health, many of them can cause death. However, ALL of these risk factors can be prevented if you just know how to quit dipping and decide to quit for good. Let us join you on your path to success.