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Ways to Quit Dipping

Ways to quit dipping

Proven Ways to Quit Dipping Once you’ve decided to stop using smokeless tobacco, there are several proven methods to help you deal with physical and psychological nicotine withdrawal synptoms. There are many ways to quit dipping, so finding the right method is unique to each person. Step Down in Small Intervals. Rather than quitting dip cold turkey, try to cut ... Read More »

The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco on Oral Health

Dangers of Dipping Smokless tobacco Snuff or Chew

The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco Who says smokeless tobacco is better for you than cigarettes? While dip manufacturers may promote this idea in their advertisements, it’s definitely not true. The dangers of smokeless tobacco can be just as great as cigarettes. Sure, tobacco users who dip exclusively have a lower rate of being diagnosed with lung cancer than smokers do. ... Read More »

Facts about Smokeless Tobacco and Teenagers

stop teenage tobacco use

Surprising Facts about Smokeless Tobacco and Children When asked to picture a dip user, what do you see? Maybe an athletic and muscular big league pitcher standing on the mound ready to throw the last pitch in a no-hitter? Perhaps a burly construction worker spitting as he lifts a fifty pound bag of cement? Or what about a dashing country-western ... Read More »

Helping Your Spouse Quit Dip

help quit dipping

Helping Your Spouse Quit Dip There are few harder things in life than quitting nicotine. Most nicotine users have been using tobacco in one form or another since before they were 18 years old. For many, this is a long term habit. The best way for you to help your spouse quit dip is to remember that he or she ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco – Not a Safe Alternative

dipping not a safe alternative to smoking

Can Smokeless Tobacco Help Me Quit Smoking? Smokeless tobacco is often perceived as a “safe” way to quit smoking. Dip advertisers tout their products as a socially acceptable alternative to smoking, as they can be used in public venues without harming other people through second-hand smoke. However, there’s nothing safe about the twenty-eight deadly carcinogens found in dip and snuff. ... Read More »

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

quit smokeless tobacco for good

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco for Good (This Time)! Quitting smokeless tobacco is never easy. But several proven methods may help on your journey to better health. These tips make quitting dip painless and ensure longer lasting effects. Most people who want to quit dipping have tried to stop several times before. If this is the case, don’t worry! An unsuccessful past ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives

Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives for Dip Users One of the most common complaints from men quitting dip is that they miss the sensation of having something in their mouths. After years of using smokeless tobacco, their bodies have become accustomed to the feeling. The habit of chewing and spitting is often just as difficult to give up as the nicotine itself.  ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Facts

facts about quitting dip

Smokeless Tobacco Facts: The Dangers Since 2000, the sales of smokeless tobacco products have earned wealthy tobacco companies well over 2 billion dollars per year, and number of pounds sold per year spiked to over 120 million pounds in 2010. Educating the public on smokeless tobacco facts is necessary to cut the sales of these deadly products. Smokeless tobacco contains ... Read More »

Quitting Dip – How and Why

How to quit dipping and why

Reasons for Quitting Dip Congratulations on your first step towards quitting dip! Researching the effects of smokeless tobacco and finding tips to quit dipping will help you understand exactly what’s at stake and how to be successful in your attempts. The smokeless tobacco industry spends millions of dollars every year trying to entice customers to buy their products, but they ... Read More »

You Can Quit Dipping

you can quit dipping snuff

You Can Quit Dipping The Center for Disease Control reports that quitting nicotine is just as difficult as quitting heroin, and there is a 57% rate of failure for those attempting to quit. With the odds stacked against you, how can you effectively quit dipping? There are many reasons to quit dipping, but, because smokeless tobacco doesn’t have the secondhand ... Read More »