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Nicotine Free Chew

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Not many people are aware that nicotine free chew is out there. Like non-alcoholic beer, nicotine free chew is a safe alternative to smokeless tobacco products that delivers the physical satisfaction of putting in a dip without supplying all the harmful chemicals and carcinogens of real dipping tobacco. One excellent nicotine free chew from which to choose is BaccOff. BaccOff ... Read More »

Best Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

smokeless tobacco alternative

Many people aren’t aware of smokeless tobacco alternatives. Turns out, there are many options available. Like non-alcoholic beer, smokeless tobacco alternatives can help satisfy cravings for the ex-user or the person trying to quit. One product that we recommend is BaccOff. BaccOff mimics the taste, texture, and “spitability” or real chewing tobacco. It even causes a slight burning sensation on ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives

Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives for Dip Users One of the most common complaints from men quitting dip is that they miss the sensation of having something in their mouths. After years of using smokeless tobacco, their bodies have become accustomed to the feeling. The habit of chewing and spitting is often just as difficult to give up as the nicotine itself.  ... Read More »