Smokeless Tobacco Facts

Interesting Facts About Smokeless Tobacco

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While there are many anti-smoking campaigns that educate people on the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, less facts about smokeless tobacco are known or made readily available. Chewing tobacco is used by about 9 million people above the age of twelve in the United States. As most people know, smokeless tobacco can and does cause cancer. But there remains a ... Read More »

The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco on Oral Health

Dangers of Dipping Smokless tobacco Snuff or Chew

The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco Who says smokeless tobacco is better for you than cigarettes? While dip manufacturers may promote this idea in their advertisements, it’s definitely not true. The dangers of smokeless tobacco can be just as great as cigarettes. Sure, tobacco users who dip exclusively have a lower rate of being diagnosed with lung cancer than smokers do. ... Read More »

Facts about Smokeless Tobacco and Teenagers

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Surprising Facts about Smokeless Tobacco and Children When asked to picture a dip user, what do you see? Maybe an athletic and muscular big league pitcher standing on the mound ready to throw the last pitch in a no-hitter? Perhaps a burly construction worker spitting as he lifts a fifty pound bag of cement? Or what about a dashing country-western ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco – Not a Safe Alternative

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Can Smokeless Tobacco Help Me Quit Smoking? Smokeless tobacco is often perceived as a “safe” way to quit smoking. Dip advertisers tout their products as a socially acceptable alternative to smoking, as they can be used in public venues without harming other people through second-hand smoke. However, there’s nothing safe about the twenty-eight deadly carcinogens found in dip and snuff. ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Facts

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Smokeless Tobacco Facts: The Dangers Since 2000, the sales of smokeless tobacco products have earned wealthy tobacco companies well over 2 billion dollars per year, and number of pounds sold per year spiked to over 120 million pounds in 2010. Educating the public on smokeless tobacco facts is necessary to cut the sales of these deadly products. Smokeless tobacco contains ... Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Effects on Health

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Smokeless Tobacco Effects on Health While most people are aware of smoking’s harmful effects, smokeless tobacco can cause just as many health problems. In fact, many people start dipping after they’ve decided to quit smoking, but they are unaware of the negative consequences that stem from smokeless tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco effects are seen in the mouth, the stomach, the ... Read More »

Social Effects of Smokeless Tobacco

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Cosmetic Effects of Smokeless Tobacco If you’re visiting this page, you’ve likely experienced many of the negative effects of smokeless tobacco. Whether dip is affecting your health, your bank account, or your interpersonal relationships, the experiences are rarely positive. Dip takes a huge toll on oral hygiene and health. Because you hold smokeless tobacco in your mouth for extended periods ... Read More »