Quit Chewing Tobacco Timeline

Quit Chewing Tobacco Timeline

Quitting chewing tobacco can be extremely difficult. Chewing tobacco, and the nicotine in it, causes physical dependency which makes quitting an arduous task. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, irritability, intense cravings, weight gain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Faced with these ailments, the deck is stacked against a person who is trying to quit. Planning ahead and creating a timeline for quitting chewing tobacco can be an effective way to stick to the task and be successful in kicking the can.

There are a number of timelines one can adopt in quitting. Cold turkey is certainly an option, but withdrawal symptoms peak for most people within the first three days of going without tobacco, which often cause people to fail in trying to stop.  Easing through the withdrawal symptoms can be more effective for some people.

Tapering slowly of tobacco is one way to ease withdrawal symptoms. By lessening the amount of tobacco you intake every day, you can eventually kick the habit. The danger in using this method is that the cause of all your cravings is right in your back pocket, making sticking to the timeline difficult. That’s why we recommend using BaccOff products to help you taper.

BaccOff mimics the taste, texture, and spitability of real tobacco, but is made from tea and mint leaves. It’s completely nicotine and tobacco free. What makes BaccOff such a powerful quitting aid is that it can be mixed in with real tobacco to make the tapering off effort feel less like quitting.

You can choose whichever timeline works for you, starting with a full can, moving down to a three quarters full can of tobacco along with one quarter of BaccOff, then to a half, and so on until you’re finally left with a full can of just BaccOff. You still get the enjoyment of dipping, without all the harmful chemicals!

It’s important to plan ahead using this method and having a partner to help you can be integral to this process. To read a full quit plan that involves your partner, click here.


  1. I quit on 7/3/17. I have been using Chantix and Bacc Off. I have been chewing for 30 years now, but it’s time!

    • Josh, i too have been dipping for 30 years and want to quit. I have heard good and bad things about chantix. How is it going so far?

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