Weeks 2-8

Quit Smokeless Timeline: Weeks 2-8

Week Two: This week is a transition time in your battle to quit smokeless. You have now purified your body of nicotine and it is no long a factor in your addiction. You have proven that you are able to put dip down for a period of time. You should be proud, but not haughty. Pride comes before the fall. If you begin to think you can have just one dip and still be okay, you will fall hard back into your smokeless tobacco addiction. Do not let your guard down for a minute. Your addiction is still very real and the habit is not broken yet. The waves are still there, but you are in control. All that is left is to break the mental addiction. Then you will be free. This is a critical week for your freedom. Be careful to follow all instructions with diligent effort. Never look back.

Weeks 3-4: Congratulations! You have quit smokeless tobacco for two whole weeks! Total freedom is fast approaching and you should be seeing some major changes taking place. Although you still want tobacco, you should want it less and less. You do not feel the burning need for a dip like you did only a few weeks ago. The waves are coming further apart and with less intensity. You have a sense of accomplishment and pride and for the first time in a long while, you have hope that you are going to be free. You will be free if you continue to follow the steps below.

Weeks 5-8: Congratulations on making it through the first month! This is a major accomplishment. However, you are not done yet. By now you can see some real changes in your attitude and outlook. You should be able to visualize your freedom, but at the same time you may still want to have a dip. The battle is not as bad as it was, but it is still there. This is normal and may last for one more month.

Do not let your guard down during this second month because you are not done yet. Apply good old determination to all your efforts. Focus on your primary goal to quit smokeless for good and reaffirm that dipping is no longer an option. Look back on your success of the last month and draw strength and confidence from your accomplishment. Look forward to the hope of the future and visualize your ultimate goal of freedom from smokeless tobacco.

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  1. i decided to quit dip again this would be like 3 times for me now , i was wondering how to quit it for good i don’t wanna give in the urge every time I’m stressed or bored. and i do not not wanna start eating also trying to loose weight during this processes any suggestions on a good way not to go back to tobacco once the nicotine is out of my system for good ? and i just started i broke down and bought another can,threw it out after it tasted horrible in my mouth.

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