Quit Dipping Tips

Quit dipping tips –  Top six tips to help you quit chewing tobacco for good.

It is often a painful process to take an honest look at yourself. We don’t like to see our faults and shortcomings, but it is better to look, see and change than to never look at all. Be honest with yourself. Are you addicted to smokeless tobacco? Your addiction probably started very slowly, as is true with most addictions. You took a dip with a friend, and it tasted horrible, but it was the “thing” to do so you took some more. After a while you became comfortable with the taste and feel of the tobacco so you used it more often. Suddenly you began to need it. It was just the right thing for the moment. Certain activities or places triggered a desire for a dip. Eventually, it was not the place or activity that caused the desire, but the tobacco itself became the desire. You could not enjoy what you were doing, or even life itself, without tobacco. It is at this point that you realized it had you hooked. Panic may have set in. You knew you needed to quit chewing tobacco because it was controlling your life, but you just cannot live without the stuff. We created this list of quit dipping tips just for you.

Have you tried to quit chewing tobacco several times, but the longest you have been able to go without tobacco is only a few days? Did you start out with high expectations, only to see your goal to quit chewing tobacco for good fade away only after a few days? Did you feel like you would never be able to reach your goal? If you answered “yes” to these questions then it is important to understand your addiction and what is keeping you from being able to quit chewing tobacco for good. Below are some quit dipping tips from DipStop’s Quit Dip Program. These quit dipping tips have helped thousands of people just like you quit chewing tobacco once and for all. Click on any one of the quit dipping tips to be taken to another page with more information on how it is an integral part of the quitting process.

The Top Six Quit Dipping Tips

  1. The first of the quit dipping tips, and sometimes the hardest, is take an honest look inside your mind and understand how it drives your addiction. Learn to identify the false realities that your mind believes and learn to see how true realities are based on facts not feelings.
  2. Count the cost of dipping on your health, finances, personal life and relationships. Weight these against the advantages of quitting dip.
  3. Make the choice to quit chewing tobacco forever, but also make the continuous choice at every moment to not dip. Set a day to quit chewing tobacco and stick to it. Follow the step-by-step quit dipping timelines provided to help you through the day-by-day.
  4. Have the tools for success. Products like non tobacco snuff, herbal drops or other non tobacco substitutes are integral tools in the quitting process.
  5. Partner with someone who is familiar with your habit and has a desire for you to quit chewing tobacco. This could be your wife, girlfriend, brother or close friend. This person will be able to keep you accountable and encourage you throughout the whole quitting process.
  6. If you stumble pick yourself back up and still go after the freedom you desire from tobacco.

Visit our Resources Page for links to other sites with quit dipping tips.

Do you know of some other quit dipping tips that have helped you throughout the quitting process? Please leave a message in the comment box below to share them with others. This is a chance for you to encourage and help others struggling to quit chewing tobacco.


  1. Good Mornin’ Andrew,

    Congrats on your decision to quit dip. You nailed it when you said you can do whatever you believe in and are willing to commit to. Stick with it and we’ll be here to help.

    Make it a great day!

  2. I’ve been dipping for17yrs. I’ve tried to quit about a hundred times in the past few years longest I’ve made it has been twenty some days. But tomorrow is my quit day I’ve already taken my last dip. Wish me luck.

    • Chris,

      Congrats on your decision to quit! You never fail at anything til you quit trying. Hang in there. You mentioned you made it over twenty days once before. At three weeks, you have cleaned nicotine out of your system so the hardest part is done. When you get there this time, its important to remember that you will always be an ex dipper, an ex-nicotine addict. One moment of weakness will send you back where you started. NEVER let that one moment beat you. Most dippers want something in their mouth. Find an alternative that works for you. Gum, sunflower seeds, or a tobacco free alternative like BaccOff. Make sure that alternative is always available, so that activities that trigger the desire to chew won’t find you unprepared. Good luck!


  3. I tried to quit once it didn’t work but I really need to try to quit this time im gonna quit I can quit I hope

  4. I wanna quit dipping so bad but it’s like I can’t. My girlfriend hates it. But when I try to stop I get really edgy and snap real quick and I don’t know how to get through that. And if I go all day without one I can’t sleep at night. Any tips??

    • Hi Joshua,

      Its great that you recognize its time to quit. Quitting is hard. There is no way around that. But there are a few things you can do to make it easier. Most guys who dip like having a pinch in their mouth. It has become a comforting habit. Find a safe alternative that you enjoy. We recommend BaccOff non-tobacco chew. Its as close as you can get to the real thing without tobacco. Its made from mint and tea leaves. The other challenge is nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You’ll have to go through some pain to kick nicotine addiction, but is easier with Nico-Free herbal drops. It helps ease the nausea and takes a little of the edge off when weaning off of nicotine. I hope this helps.

  5. Well, dip sure as hell sucks. That description there seemed to hit the nail on the head, taking a dip with a friend because it seemed like the cool thing to do. Its kind of a family heritage thing, my grandfather, uncles, and dad all dip pretty regularly. I started when i was about 16, just putting a few small dips in here and there and usually chunking the can out the window before it was through. Now I’m 23 and pack a can in every two days. Gotta have one after breakfast with coffee, one after lunch, and especially a big one after dinner. That nicotine buzz just feels right. I’ve still got good teeth but I can start to see where a lower canine tooth has a tiny bit of the gum line receding. I always said that when i saw any trace of damage to my teeth i would stop, but here i am hooked as hell. Its been about two days and I’m chewing some weak 2mg nicotine gum, seems to make quitting suck less. I reckon I’ll stick with this nasty gum a while and pray that that’ll be the end of it. My gf doesn’t like it, and i think its time to change the old family tradition for the better. All I can do is try. Amen brother.

    • Hey Bobby,

      Looks like you are on the right track. The biggest requirements to quit are positive attitude and commitment. Seems like you have both. Best of luck on your quit!

  6. I seriously need to kick the can. My gums are hurting, I panic about it. I have PTSD from combat and it’s seriously hard for me. Can anyone help me with herbs or tips?

    • Hi Dub,

      We know how hard it is. Most of us are ex-dippers as well. I can point you to a couple of products than can help. BaccOff non-tobacco chew can help with the taste, texture, and oral fixation (the need to feel a packed lip). Its not a perfect replacement, but it helps. They also carry some herbal drops that help ease withdrawal symptoms. Quitting is not easy. You still have to want to, and have the will to do it. I’m a vet too. You made it through combat. You can do this!

    • What’s up dub I’m a marine with combat experience and a below knee amputee from an ied in afghan believe me when I say I understand what ur saying I feel the same exact way! But two days ago I took my last dip and now I’m chewing gum like a sob lol but what is making it easy is the fact I went to combat got blown up lost a leg and still wake up every day put in a 40 hour work week hunt and play outdoors why should I let something so simple run my life and you shouldn’t either ur bigger than that thanks for ur service and stay strong buddy

  7. I desperately want my husband to quit dipping. He started 20 years ago. When I was pregnant with our first child, he promised he would quit before he was born. Our son is about to turn 2 year’s old, and nothing has changed. He swears he wants to quit, but it seems like he doesn’t even try to. Now I’m pregnant with our 2nd child. It doesn’t matter what I do or say. I don’t think he will ever quit, and I HATE IT!!!!!!!! Why can’t he see that his family needs him??? I’m tired of begging and fights this losing battle.

    • Realize that your spouse will quit only when his desire (want to) to beat nicotine outweighs the hold it has on him. He can’t quit for you or for your children. Without the “want to” as opposed to the “being told to”, “promise to”, “the deadline has arrived”, “the guilt” of doing it, chances are he will never try. Chances are he’s done hundreds of “mini-quits” without you knowing it. He doesn’t try in public because he doesn’t want you to see him fail. Be encouraging, but don’t nag. He’ll come around when he’s ready. The most important thing to remember is than none of us can change another person. We can change the way that we respond to another’s bad behavior or habits in a way that influences their decisions, but we cannot change them. That’s hard to accept sometimes. Learning how to respond in a way that encourages or influences someone else’s behavior is even harder. It’s work. Google “how to influence people”.

  8. My last dip was on June 23. Quitting cold turkey after going through a can every two days for seven years is a very tough thing to go through. Fortunately, I have been able to separate myself from my normal environment for the summer, which lessens the amount of triggers I am around on a daily basis. Urges are stronger than ever; they come in waves that seem to never let me off my guard. This is the hardest challenge I have undertaken in my life and every day I say no to a dip, my belief in the quit grows stronger. If you are debating quitting, know that ultimately you are doing it for yourself an that you can control this gripping substance. You really have to believe in the reasons for quitting, as this is the only thing that can allow you to say no when the urges and cravings are at their highest. I’m only a month in, but I really believe now I have this beast tamed. I wish you all luck in your journey to quit dip, just know that there are a lot of us going through the same thing and we are all here for support. Use your resources and build a support group.

    • Chad,

      Congrats on your quit! You have made it through the hardest part. You have accomplished a great task, met a tremendous challenge and came out a winner! Its important to understand though, that the devil will be sitting on your shoulder for years, trying to tempt you into starting up again. Continue to use every resource at your disposal. You can beat him! Renew your commitment every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed.

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