How to Quit Snuff

How To Quit Snuff For Good: Tip #3

By now hopefully you understand how your mind controls your addiction and what the cost of you addiction is. But, you may still be wondering exactly how to quit snuff. We have two simple steps for you;

  1. Make the choice.
  2. Get the right tools for success.

Life is a choice. Every day we make thousands of choices ranging from the clothes we wear to the words we speak. At some point in your life you made the choice to take that first dip, which then forever changed your life. After that first dip you chose to dip again and again until you were hooked. Now you have to choose to quit smokeless tobacco, now and forever. YOU have to make the choice to quit smokeless tobacco. Your wife, mother, friends or doctor cannot make that choice for you. This choice comes in two forms:

  1. Primary Choice– “I am going to quit smokeless tobacco.”
  2. Continuous Choice– “I am not going to dip now.”

The primary choice is a concise decision to stop the process or act of dipping. You did not choose to get hooked, but now you must choose to quit smokeless tobacco for good. You must say, “Enough. I quit.” (At this point you probably feel fear and apprehension at the reality of quitting, but keep on reading for more steps on how to quit snuff.) The act of choosing is extremely important to obtain the freedom you want. No “How to Quit Snuff Program” can help you if you are not willing to make the primary choice to quit smokeless tobacco for good. Your choice will make the goal of freedom a reality. Your choice proves your determination to succeed and is a point in time within your mind that is an unmovable object of determination. It cannot be changed or redirected, despite any circumstances that may exist. Once you make “the choice” to stop, a choice that doesn’t accept compromise, you will succeed and be free. Make the primary choice now and never look back because it will hinder your success and cause unneeded stress.

Now, you must make the secondary, continuous choice to not dip now

Once you have made the all-out decision to quit smokeless tobacco, you must make the secondary choice to “not dip now.” This is different from deciding never to touch the stuff again. As humans when we are told we can’t have something we instantly want the object more than ever. This is the case with quitting smokeless tobacco too. For now you are going to choose not to dip at this time. It is your choice and the power is in your hands or mind to accept or reject this choice.

  • Concentrate on the moment. Don’t look to the future. When you reduce the task at hand to a day, hour or even a moment you can handle it. You will have to choose to “not dip now” many many times.
  • At this point you may begin to panic. You may start to see the reality of loosing your love. Your mind begins to turn and jump. The lies start to come at you like bullets in a war. Shoot back! One by one replace the lies with truth.
  • When the urge to dip hits you stop for a moment and concentrate on the choice you made to stop. Concentrate on the reality that you don’t need it. Be determined that you can make it through the moment.
  • Realize that in a few moments the urge will pass and you will be fine for a while. When it comes again, refocus your choice again and again. Each time you resist the urge, you become stronger and the urge becomes weaker and it will even disappear after time. This is reality.

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