If You Stumble

If you stumble: Tip #6

Because you are human, the potential for failure does exists while you are trying to quit chewing tobacco. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. A majority of the people trying to quit chewing tobacco by using this program will never need this section, because they will succeed. However, there will be a few who fail temporarily, and some that never taste success. If you stumble while trying to quit chewing tobacco the guidelines in this section can help pick you back up and get you back on track. You can still experience the freedom from smokeless tobacco that you desire!

Be prepared for battle

A good soldier in a battle will take orders and attack without regard for his life. Even through he is beaten back by the enemy, he will regroup and attack at the earliest possible moment. You are in a war against your addiction to smokeless tobacco. The war is to regain the ground lost to your addiction. This ground is freedom, self-respect, health and happiness. A good soldier never gives up; he attacks again and again until he succeeds, or until he can no longer attack.

If you fall you must get up, regroup and attack again immediately. Those who fall and never get up are defeated and loose the war.

  • First, forgive yourself. The battle is not lost because you have not been defeated. You may have had a temporary setback, but it’s not the end of the world. This problem can be overcome, but first you must clear your mind by forgiving yourself.
  • You must not hesitate. Instantly begin the process to quit chewing tobacco again. To have a chance of success, you cannot procrastinate. Define your goals and go after them. You don’t have time to waste. Do it now.
  • Do not procrastinate. You must act now. Throw the tobacco away! Get ride of it! Make the decision to quit chewing tobacco for good.
  • Listen to your “self talk” and identify the lies it tells you. Focus on reality and truth, not lies. Click HERE to review and learn more about self talk and how your mind controls your addiction.
  • Don’t give up. To give up is to fail. If you continue to fail, you will be defeated. Never give up. Just do it.
  • Do Not Rebel. Deep down inside you know that you will quit chewing tobacco one day. However, each time you rebel against your desire to quit you make it harder on yourself the next time. Fill out the Lies and Truths Worksheet again to remind yourself of the lies your self-talk uses to control your addiction. Try to see the lies with which your mind is tricking you, and replace those lies with truth.
  • Be free by choice. Only YOU can choose to quit chewing tobacco. Only YOU can maintain your freedom. Only YOU can save your life. It’s YOUR choice so choose freedom from smokeless tobacco addiction today!

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