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How To Quit Chewing Tobacco with a Partner: Tip #5

In almost all programs focused on how to quit chewing tobacco, counseling or discussion groups play a major role in success. For you, going to a group is either not possible or desirable so we have developed an alternative- learning how to quit chewing tobacco with the encouragement and accountability of a partner.

Contact a person whom you consider a friend. This person should be someone that you can talk to, one who is familiar with your habit and has a desire for you to quit chewing tobacco. This person may be your wife, girlfriend, brother or just a friend. The only requirements for this person are that they want the best for you and that they are willing to walk alongside you as you struggle and learn how to quit chewing tobacco.

For The Partner

You should feel privileged to be asked to be a part of this freedom operation. It is a responsibility given only to a true friend and it involves some work. However, it is worth it. Below are some of the responsibilities you will have as you help your friend learn how to quit chewing tobacco.

  • Have knowledge. Read completely through this site or the available free manual until you feel comfortable with the material. Be able to discuss the various concepts on how to quit chewing tobacco and relate them to your partner.
  • Be an encourager. Believe in the person even though he may have failed many times before. Express your encouragement often and freely.
  • Never Judge. Your place is not to decide right or wrong, hard or easy, but to be available in a time of need.
  • Be a listener. Don’t try to give a list of suggestions or make too many comments, but rather refer back to this site or the downloadable manual. Reinforce the concepts on how to quit chewing tobacco from this site/manual.
  • Never dictate. Your job is to reinforce positive aspects of the program and to encourage success. Never criticize, lecture or reprimand your partner. It is not your job.
  • Be patient. When you commit to this task realize that your services may be needed for some time. If your partner fails, encourage without dictating, but keep in mind that the choice to quit chewing tobacco depends on him not you.

Print the contract below and have your partner read and sign it.

Partners Contract

I ___________________________ do hereby proclaim my continual support of ___________________________ for as many days or months as he may need me. I commit to him to make myself available to encourage, support, talk with and stand by at any time I am needed.

I realize the power of this addiction and confirm that I have read through this site or manual and understand the problems related to this addiction. I also understand that I cannot choose to stop this addiction for him, but my role is that of a listener and encourager, not a judge or dictator.

I make myself available at any reasonable time to review this material or to talk about his feelings or problems without any condemnation involved. I will also help him to complete the daily checklist if he so desires.

Utilize your partner and lean on him or her to get you through the tough times! You can do it!

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