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The First Tip on How to Quit Dip

If you want to know how to quit dip for good you must know the source of your behaviors, both good and bad. Your behavior is controlled by what we will call your “self talk.” These are the things you hear from your mind that can be either truth or lies. Your “self talk” controls the way you act or react to a given situation and it controls your addiction by telling you lies.

The first step in knowing how to quit dip is to understand how this “self talk” drives your addiction. This is not about positive thinking, which tries to build up a super charged mental attitude of success, but rather a look at reality verses the lies your mind tells you. Your mind is much stronger than your physical addiction to nicotine, therefore you must see and fully understand how your mind controls you if you want to stop your addiction.

For example, let’s say that the day before you decided to quit you were reading this site on how to quit dip. You were feeling good about yourself, with positive thoughts of success flowing out of your mind. Your “self talk” is agreeing with what you read and you say to yourself, “I can do this! I have the self control to quit.” This is your self-talk speaking truth to your mind. However, the next morning as you throw your tobacco away your self-talk begins to speak defeat. You might think “There is nothing good about this day. Everything is going wrong. I just can’t quit now, so I will wait until tomorrow.” This is also your self-talk speaking, but this time it is speaking lies to your mind.

To know how to quit dip you must separate false reality from true reality

When your self-talk speaks failure or hopelessness to you this is called false reality. False reality is a lie that your mind believes to be true. These lies get their origin from feelings or patterns of thinking that are built over a period of time. They are created by certain circumstances repeatedly taking place again and again. False reality is not truth, but since it has happened several times your mind considers it truth.

For example, say you have tried to quit two times, each time failing to succeed. The third time you try your mind tells you “I’ll never be able to quit. There is no sense trying to figure out how to quit dip again.” False reality will tell you that making it a day or two without a dip is impossible and that you will die without that dip. Even though this is not true, it has become truth to your mind. At this point your mind has been programmed to accept failure and you will fail unless you recognize that your mind is speaking a false reality. Just because something has happened many times in the past doesn’t mean it always has to be that way.

On the other hand, true reality deals with facts, not feelings. For example, true reality is the fact that you will not die from the lack of a dip and your life will not fall apart without that pinch between cheek and gum. You can live without tobacco and be free.

How do I apply these things to quit dip?

To overcome the lies of your mind you must be able to listen to your “self-talk” and identify when it is speaking lies to keep you from learning the facts on how to quit dip. Replace the lies with truth. Concentrate on the true reality and how truth affects the lies you are hearing. For each lie that springs up, a truth should also be spoken, either out loud or in your mind. Truth should continue to be spoken until the lie fades. By speaking truth to your mind you will begin to replace the lies your mind had believed. Speaking truth must become a habit that controls your thinking. Hearing and believing truth may be difficult for a while, because the lies have controlled your thinking for a long time and breaking the habit is a hard struggle. However, you can do it.

For a practical application and worksheet on how to apply these truths on how to quit dip click HERE.

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