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How to Quit Snuff: Tip #4

Step one involved you making the choice that you are going to stop dipping for good, as well as every time the urge to dip hits you. Step two helps you break your addiction by replacing you favorite snuff with quit dipping products, like a non tobacco chew. Most people have a particular brand or flavor of tobacco they prefer. The taste, feel, and texture are pleasing and satisfying. You are in love with your dip. Now it is time to fall out of love by using quit dipping products. Doing this is easier than you make think. You can replace your favorite dip with a non-tobacco substitute. A tobacco free snuff is a great replacement since you enjoy chewing. Tobacco free snuff will not do away with your desire for nicotine, but it will ease the mental and emotional aspects of changing your chewing habits.

What are some popular quit dipping products?

The day that you throw all your tobacco away buy enough quit dipping products to get you through a few weeks, although you will need to get much more to help you through the whole quitting process. While we recommend using a non tobacco chew, toothpicks, gum and sunflower seeds are other popular quit dipping products.

As a part of their Quit Dipping Program, DipStop’s recommended quit dipping products are BaccOff and toothpicks. BaccOff is a special, tobacco free snuff that is made of all natural, food safe ingredients that have been approved by the FDA. BaccOff contains no nicotine so it is non-addictive. Users say that its taste, feel and texture are similar to that of smokeless tobacco. BaccOff is designed to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and give you the relaxing pleasure of a good dip without the health risks of a tobacco snuff. The importance of using a non tobacco chew like BaccOff cannot be over–emphasized. Its continued use is perhaps the single most important tool to beat your addiction. Clinical studies, as well as years of experience, have confirmed that BaccOff reduces the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the stress that comes from withdrawal.

Here are some frequently asked questions about quit dipping products

How much tobacco free snuff can I use?

You can use as much as it takes. Don’t try to reduce the amount of dip you are used to using. Initially you may even need to use more than you are used to. One common mistake is to try to cut back on your tobacco free snuff too quickly. Don’t worry about this. Because non tobacco chew, like BaccOff, is non-addictive you can chew as much as you want to.

Where can I buy non tobacco chew?

Different brands of non tobacco chew, including BaccOff, can be purchased locally in stores and gas stations all over the nation or online. BaccOff can be found by calling their toll free number (800-866-2439) or the easiest way to get it is to order off their website, www.baccoff.com.

I have been using a tobacco free snuff for a few days but it makes my mouth sore?

Although it does not happen to all users, some have reported having tender gums after first using a tobacco free snuff. If this happens to you do not be alarmed. Your mouth is simply adjusting. You would find this to be true if you were changing to a new brand of smokeless tobacco. Your mouth will adjust in 2-3 weeks. We recommend using flavored toothpicks along with your non tobacco chew during this adjustment period. They have just enough flavor to keep you satisfied and just enough consistency to stimulate your mouth without making you tired. However, the wood will splinter so discard it and use a new one when this happens. Splinters can get between your teeth and gums and cause dental problems.

How long can I use a non tobacco chew?

Because it is non-addictive you can chew when you want to, not because you have to.

Remember that using a tobacco free snuff is not using tobacco. It is part of breaking tobacco addiction. Relax and enjoy this wonderful tool!

Click here for information on alternative quit chewing tobacco aids including, herbal supplements, hypnosis, acupuncture, laser therapy and prescription drugs.

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  1. does heart rate return to normal after quitting

  2. Does BaccOff damage your gums or cause any dental issues aside from the splintering?

    • BaccOff doesn’t cause gum damage and we have had no reports of “splintering”. Not sure what that is.

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