You Can Quit Dipping

You Can Quit Dipping

You Can Quit Dipping

The Center for Disease Control reports that quitting nicotine is just as difficult as quitting heroin, and there is a 57% rate of failure for those attempting to quit. With the odds stacked against you, how can you effectively quit dipping?

There are many reasons to quit dipping, but, because smokeless tobacco doesn’t have the secondhand effects that smoking does, there has been less public attention on helping people quit dip.

Nevertheless, smokeless tobacco has just as many long term side effects as smoking. In addition to a high risk of developing stomach, oral, or esophageal cancer, people who dip face other disorders such as gum disease, tooth decay, and even reproductive issues in both men and women. Leukoplakia is another common disease found in people who dip, causing white sores in the mouth that can open and lead to infection, and smokeless tobacco can deteriorate the bones around the teeth.

In addition saving your life, deciding to quit dipping can save your wallet. Americans spend over $2 billion annually on smokeless tobacco products, which amounts to approximately $700 per year for each user. As “sin taxes” continue to rise, few can afford these exorbitant rates.

Despite these facts, approximately 8.7 billion Americans continue to use smokeless tobacco, often fearful of the side effects from quitting dip. Smokeless tobacco enters your bloodstream, building an addiction. Once the supply of tobacco is stopped, the body goes into withdrawal. Headaches, nausea, spikes in blood pressure, irritability, and low blood sugar (causing hunger) are a few of the many symptoms those who quit dipping may feel.

However, help is available to those who have made the decision to quit dipping.

Help to Quit Dipping

Many dippers who fail in their first attempts to quit dipping return to smokeless tobacco out of the habit itself. They like the feel of the tobacco in their mouths, especially during heightened periods of stress. Chewing gum or sunflower seeds can help alleviate these feelings, but they can also cause weight gain and tooth decay from sugars. Several prescription medications are also available to help people stop dipping, but they can be quite expensive and do nothing to cease the sensation of dipping.

Instead of sugar-loaded treats or costly medications, the process of quitting dip can be eased by several innovative products. Just like smokers use air-filtered “cigarettes” to help their cravings, dip users can find herbal dipping products, which will give them the sensation of dipping without the harmful side effects.

These tobacco-free, all-natural pouches provide dippers with an alternative that has the same consistency and taste of dip. And they’re spitable! Many of the herbs contained in these tobacco-less dips, such as mint and tea leaves, can help calm the stomach and nerves. These ingredients help cut the desire to dip, as well as alleviate some of the more nasty side effects.

A leader in the herbal dip industry, Bacc Off® has been helping thousands of men and women quit dip since 1993. User testimonials have shown, time and again, that Bacc Off® products are effective in curing the side effects associated with dipping cessation.

So why try to quit dipping alone? For less than the cost of a package of smokeless tobacco, herbal chews can help you break through to a tobacco-free life.


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