Here are the definitions of some of the words commonly used throughout this site as they relate to quitting dip.

Self talk: What your mind speaks to you. This can be truth or lies, positive or negative.

  • Danger of it: If you listen to the lies while quitting dip, you will fail.
  • Advantage: You can change it to speak truth.

False Reality: A lie that has been learned over a period of time. It consits of defeating thoughts.

  • Danger of: Letting false reality control your actions while quitting dip.
  • Advantage: You can erase a false reality.

True Reality: A truth based on facts, not feelings. Truth is constant regardless of surrounding events.

  • Danger of: Not listening to truth brings failure when quitting dip.
  • Advantage: Truth is contained in every person. Use it.

Acquired Desire: Self indulgent desires that feed on wants of the moment, and not the needs.

  • Danger of: Being controlled by them when quitting dip.
  • Advantage: Can be changed to desire that which is good for you.

Natural Desire: Inborn need to survive and be successful. Contained in your subconscience.

  • Danger of: Not listening to its warning signals when quitting dip.
  • Advantage: Can be a strong influence in success.

Focus: To look solely at the goal of success and not at the problems of the moment.

  • Danger of: Loosing focus while quitting dip, looking at less important problems or concerns.
  • Advantage: Bring together all aspects of gaining freedom.

Procrastinate: To put off until more convenient

  • Danger of: Cause you to postpone the need of quitting dip
  • Advantage: You can overcome hesitation by “just doing it.”

Primary choice– A single monumental decision to quit dip once and for all. An immovable contract.

Continuous choice– Many small decisions made when the urge to fail arises.

Determination– The will to survive. The desire to quit. Never looks back.

Focus– Concentrates on the business of quitting dip. Doesn’t let in interference.

Bacc-Off– Non-tobacco snuff. Non addictive. The most important long term tool for breaking tobacco addiction. Chew when you want to not because you have to.

DipStop Nico-Free Plus Herbal Drops– Relaxes, relieves stress, cleans blood while quitting dip. Take as directed until gone.

Toothpicks– Use as an alternate to gum and during your adjustment to non tobacco snuff. Throw away when it splinters.

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