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Four Strategies for Quitting Dip

how to quit dipping snuff or smokeless tobacco

Quitting dip is an extremely difficult task. If you’re like most people, you probably started dipping in your late teens, and the habit has followed you into adulthood. Quitting entails not only breaking a habit, but enduring uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, irritability, weight gain, and more can all be symptoms of withdrawal from dip. And even after you’ve stopped for ... Read More »

Best Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

smokeless tobacco alternative

Many people aren’t aware of smokeless tobacco alternatives. Turns out, there are many options available. Like non-alcoholic beer, smokeless tobacco alternatives can help satisfy cravings for the ex-user or the person trying to quit. One product that we recommend is BaccOff. BaccOff mimics the taste, texture, and “spitability” or real chewing tobacco. It even causes a slight burning sensation on ... Read More »