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Nicotine Free Chew

How to quit dipping is sponsored by BACCOFF

Not many people are aware that nicotine free chew is out there. Like non-alcoholic beer, nicotine free chew is a safe alternative to smokeless tobacco products that delivers the physical satisfaction of putting in a dip without supplying all the harmful chemicals and carcinogens of real dipping tobacco. One excellent nicotine free chew from which to choose is BaccOff. BaccOff ... Read More »

Best Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

smokeless tobacco alternative

Many people aren’t aware of smokeless tobacco alternatives. Turns out, there are many options available. Like non-alcoholic beer, smokeless tobacco alternatives can help satisfy cravings for the ex-user or the person trying to quit. One product that we recommend is BaccOff. BaccOff mimics the taste, texture, and “spitability” or real chewing tobacco. It even causes a slight burning sensation on ... Read More »